Ceramic Electrode Processing Station

The ceramic electrode treatment station adopts the imported electrode from Germany. It has the characteristics of high compactness, uniform discharge, suitable for many kinds of materials and other characteristics. Optional aluminum alloy roll or ceramic roll to meet the different needs of customers. Can handle aluminum foil, copper foil, iron foil and other conductive materials, optional water-cooled roller is very suitable for battery separator and battery pole piece and other materials of lithium battery industry. At the same time, it can also deal with non-conductive materials such as PET, PE, PP and so on, which can realize multi use of one machine, reduce customer input and follow-up maintenance costs.

Aluminum Alloy roller is an economical, reliable and very effective, the surface does not need rubber coating or attach other insulators, so customers can greatly reduce the maintenance cost, but can also avoid the damage of the roller surface due to improper operation, can greatly improve work efficiency.

The use of spray coating technology on the roller surface with a layer of ceramic coating composed of polymer can greatly improve the uniformity of corona discharge compactness, while improving the roll surface corrosion resistance and hardness, which makes the effect of corona further improved, suitable for solar back plate, diaphragm and optical film industry and other occasions of high requirement of anti-breakdown.

Electrode material: Germany imported ceramic electrode
Output power: 2 ~ 30KW
Processing speed: 350m / min (maximum)
Opening and closing: Rotary opening and closing / up and down opening and closing / left and right opening and closing
Processing roller: aluminum alloy roller / ceramic roller
Processing width: 600mm to 4000mm
Processing surface count: single / double
Electrode groups: 1 to 3 groups (depending on the power)
Cooling: air / water cooling (optional)
Transition roller: 1 to 2
Safety protection: speed protection, limit protection, leakage protection
Processing material: aluminum foil / copper foil / iron foil / PE (battery separator) / battery pole piece / paper (and all other materials)
Applicable equipment: coater / laminator / gravure printing machine / / Laminating machine / casting machine / film blowing machine / laminating machine and so on
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