UB series

UB series axis table tension transducer is widely used in a variety of web control related equipment. UB series tension transducer according to the different rated load use aluminum or steel shell, with waterproof and dustproof performance, thereby increasing the service life. UB series tension transducer is axis table installed and transducers installed on both ends of the tension roller detect tension more accurately.


1.Good linearity, high repeatability, no hysteresis

2.5 times overload protection

3.Adapt to a variety of harsh conditions

4.Beautiful appearance, 360 degrees in any installation



Input voltage: 5-18VDC
Overload Capacity :500% Nominal value
Non-linear, hysteresis combined error:+/-0.5%
Ambient temperature: -20℃~90℃
Full scale output: 16mV
Rated load(kg) :10,20,50,75,150,300,500,1000
Bridge Impedance: 350 ohms
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