Sanitary Product Industry

Techmach has been working on a comprehensive solution for the hygiene products industry. Its main products include: web guiding system, web tension control system, vision inspection system and plasma spraying technology. They are widely used in the production equipment of sanitary napkins, baby pants, pants, and pet mats. Its exquisite appearance, simple operation, user-friendly service has been praised by the majority of users and sales is in the forefront of the market due to its high performance price ratio.

Vision Inspection System:

Due to the mechanical error of the production equipment itself, raw materials, foreign body and production management and other reasons, sanitary products and its raw material will have defects in the production process. Manual removal of waste is not only high cost, but also affects production efficiency. Techmach intelligent vision inspection system can detect impurities on the products accurately and comprehensively, for example, mosquitoes, hair, resin, stains, oil points, etc. It can also detect the shape and size of the product, like folds, leakage of cotton, and materials are not neat, etc. System operation is simple, full-featured, can be perfectly applied for sanitary towels, pads, diapers, mattresses and other sanitary product equipment, reduce labor costs, improve product quality and production efficiency.

System Composition and Principles:

Broadly speaking, vision inspection machine is the machine to replace the human eyes to make measurements and judgments.

Techmach's intelligent vision system is comprised of high-speed CCD cameras, lenses, industrial LED light sources, encoders and integral racks and enclosures.

High-speed CCD camera capture illuminated, uniform brightness images, after synchronization, transfer into the computer or dedicated image processing module, and through the digital processing, according to the distribution of pixels and brightness, color and other information, to determine the deviations of size, shape, color etc.

Operating speed: 300m / min
Detection rate: 99%
False detection rate: 0.05%
Detection accuracy of stain: 0.5mm ²
Detection accuracy of stain size: 2mm * 1mm
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