Narrow Processing Station

Narrow drawing ceramic electrode treatment station is a corona treatment specially designed for label printing machine. It has the characteristics of small space occupation and convenient installation and maintenance. Germany imported ceramic electrode, all materials can be processed, applicable to different printing needs of customers. Drawer type design, replacement of materials and cleaning electrodes, electrodes can be directly pulled out, easy to operate. Compared with similar products, the occupied space is greatly reduced, the adaptability is stronger, and the whole machine adopts stainless steel and aluminum alloy structure, which has lighter weight and stronger corrosion resistance.

The electrodes imported from Germany have excellent smoothness and dielectric normality, which makes the discharge more uniform and denser, and eliminates the frequent "running fire" phenomenon of similar products, and has a very long service life.

The high quality aluminum alloy roller surface is polished, with excellent surface smoothness, has a good protective effect on the surface of the material, at the same time through static and dynamic balance, can reduce the fluctuation of material operation. At the same time, it has the advantages of low maintenance cost, easy to clean, hard to wear and so on. It is an effective tool to improve printing efficiency and increase productivity.

Electrode material: ceramic electrode imported from Germany
Applicable equipment: rotary machine, intermittent rotary machine and so on.
Output power: 2 ~ 6KW
Processing speed: 350m / min (Maximum)
Opening and closing methods: Pull-type opening and closing
Processing roller: Aluminum alloy roller / ceramic roller
Processing width: 250mm to 500mm
Processing surface number: single / double face
Electrode number: 1 to 2 groups (Depending on the power)
Cooling mode: air cooling / water cooling (Optional)
Transition rolls: 1 to 2 roots
Safety protection: speed protection, limit protection, leakage protection
Processing materials: aluminum foil / copper foil / iron foil /PE (battery separator) / battery pole piece / paper (All other materials)
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