CS Series

CS series single-cantilever narrow-range tension transducer applies on the on-line detection of paper, film, metal foil, corrugated strip and other coil tension. With advantages of high detection accuracy, good linearity, and high repeatability, almost no lag, etc., it can be widely used in various types of narrow material tension detection. CS series transducer is not only equipped with the standard roller, but customers can also according to their actual needs, custom roller(less than 300mm). We fully meet the various needs of customers.


1.Good linearity, high repeatability, no hysteresis

2.5 times overload protection

3.Steel body material, corrosion resistance, high reliability

4.The width and diameter of the rollers can be arbitrarily designed


Input voltage: 5-18VDC
Overload Capacity: 500% nominal value
Non-linear, hysteresis combined error: +/-0.5%
Ambient temperature: -20℃~90℃
Full scale output: 16mV
Rated load(kg) 5,10,25,50
Bridge Impedance: 350 ohms