RB Series

RB series tension transducer with metal foil strain gauge and Wheatstone full-bridge design for on the on-line detection of paper, film, metal foil, cable and other coil tension. With high detection accuracy, good linearity, high repeatability, almost no lag, high overload factor and so on, can be widely used in various production processes. The installation method includes standard flange type and bearing socket type. The RB series tension transducer is compatible with the DTA-20 tension signal amplifier, DTM-20 tension meter and DTC-11 tension controller.



Input voltage: 5-18VDC
Overload Capacity: 500% nominal value
Non-linear, hysteresis combined error:+/-0.5%
Ambient temperature: -20℃~90℃
Full scale output: 16mV
Rated load(kg): 10,20,50,75,150,300,500,1000
Bridge Impedance: 350 ohms
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