DTC-11 all-digital tension controller utilizes the latest digital technology to access all types of signals including tension detection signals, dancer roller signals, and diameter position signals. The input signals via a patented PID operation output to the AC and DC motor, pneumatic brake / clutch, magnetic brake / clutch, and other various types of actuators for tension control.
DTC-11 automatic tension controller can work in open loop or closed loop control mode, widely used in the unwinding and the middle of the process, provides the perfect solution for tension control. The controller's operation panel not only can provide for a variety of operations and settings, but also can connect PLC or computer, making the operation more convenient and fast.


1.The use of artificial intelligence technology, can be compatible with almost all the tension transducer in the market.

2.Non-stop automatic roll change control;

3.Roll diameter calculation mode.

4.Unwinding with a buffer start mode.

5.4A power output, no need for external power amplifier, directly connect magnetic brake or clutch.

6.Relevant control parameters could be saved easily.

7.Multi-language options: English, French, German, Italian.


PWM output: 24VDC,4A
Input voltage: 24VDC
Taper control : 0~100%
Ambient temperature :0℃~50℃
Weight: 0.9kg
System accuracy: <1%
Control signal output: -10~+10VDC or 0~10mA
Tension detector excitation voltage output: 10VDC
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